Upholstered Beds for home

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The bedroom is the place where everyone is looking for the most desired comfort and the most intimate atmosphere. It is important that it be practical in its size and design, as well as comfortable and functional enough. But we always get to the point where we look for our bed to please our inner esthete, paying special attention to bedrooms with upholstered headboards, in which we seem to see class and unsurpassed comfort. Upholstered bedrooms have always been timeless and modern, because in addition to an elegant look, they attract with their softness and comfort, which they place permanently in every home.

At Kedar92 we always work with a customer-oriented thought and therefore we manage to achieve a symbiosis between need and desire, between strength and beautiful composition, between practicality and true comfort for body and mind. To achieve this, we make ours from stable wood, with soft and beautiful upholstery of leather, eco leather or long-lasting textiles. For more durability, as well as easy cleaning, we can raise each model on a metal or wood step, which will not only complete the look, but also improve the comfort of home. For more functionality and advantages we use a metal mattress frame. When we make a project of an upholstered bedroom, we consciously assume that your desire may include the possibility of implementing a luggage space and therefore each of our models may contain a mechanism with a chest. In our contact form, by phone or directly in the office of Cedar92 - come and contact us to order the bedroom, which reflects your personality.

And then we invite you to lean comfortably on the upholstered headboard of the bed and enjoy your company or that of a loved one, with a nice drink or breakfast in bed.

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