Double or triple sofa or couch

Sofa К-53

Sofa К-53

Информация за произвежданите от нас Double or triple sofa or couch

Modern sofas must meet many more criteria than just practical furniture. We know that every person today has their own requirements for the model, functions, workmanship, colors and shapes of their double or triple sofa or couch. This is one of the reasons why more and more often customers choose individual design and custom production of their upholstered furniture.

That is why we have tried to offer in our sofas an overall and complete "picture", which includes consideration of every detail of its production - from the strength and quality of the material, through mechanisms such as click-click one, to the foam used for excellent softness, with which a sofa bed turns easily into a comfortable bed.

We invest sustainability and modern trends in covering all areas of a modern sofa for living room or kitchen, so we offer implementation of a chest to the provided services, because we know that to save space and make the most of the practicality of a piece of furniture is a feature sought by the customer.

That is why we pay special attention when choosing the materials we work with, as well as our suppliers and partners. At each stage of the production process we have implemented a quality control system, which is done manually by the professionals who work for us. Their task is to ensure maximum quality and easily applicable configurations to suit any chosen model and style.

We do not forget that one often "falls in love" with their eyes and we make our modular sofas in harmony with the beauty of the modern Scandinavian line or the timelessness of the eternal classic design, but always lined with comfortable pillows with memory panels and quality upholstery, which will last over time, whether you prefer fabric upholstery or a leather sofa. And, of course, if you have an idea or project that you believe is more in line with your individual life attitude, the Kedar92 team will be happy to discuss it and together choose the best features of your custom sofa. Only in this way can we be sure that when you go home with the finished product, you will be able to truly enjoy it and be satisfied with us as a supplier and partner choice for your interior.

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